The NSBE Princeton Chapter


About Us

With over 30,000 members and 500 chapters worldwide, The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is the largest student-managed organization in the country. Serving as an educational, programmatic, technical, professional, and networking umbrella, NSBE has something for everyone.

Building, strengthening and sustaining a pipeline to technical success, NSBE stimulates interest in the various engineering disciplines and provides resources for academic achievement and professional development, while promoting community involvement and cultural enrichment.

Some of NSBE’s present activities include tutorial programs, group study sessions, high school/junior high outreach programs, technical seminars and workshops, a national communications network (NSBENET), two national magazines (NSBE Magazine and the NSBE Bridge), an internal newsletter, a professional newsletter (The Career Engineer), resume books, career fairs, awards, banquets and an annual national convention

                                                 Programs Overview

Creative, engaging and interactive programs are the primary vehicle through which NSBE fulfills its mission of creating engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. We provide a variety of programs in the following core areas to support all demographics impacted by the Society: Academic Excellence; Technical Excellence; Leadership Development; Community Impact; Pre-College Initiative and Chapter Development.

Scholarships, research opportunities, community activities and academic support are among the wide array of resources available to NSBE members through our various programs. By participating in any number of our programs each member of NSBE is ensured an opportunity to reach extraordinary heights in their academic, professional and community endeavors. The value of NSBE Programs depends on your active participation and we encourage you to find ways to get involved TODAY!