NSBE Princeton Board

The Princeton chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers

Meet the Board

President, Janice Kankolongo
(Chemical & Biological Eng, ’25)
  • Interests/Hobbies: Work in research & development, drug development, and biotechnology; doing anything Jesus-related, spending time with family, working out, and traveling!
  • Over the Summer I: worked as a research & development intern for a pharmaceutical company.
  • NSBE Goals: My goals are to help our community achieve deeper bonds by implementing carefully designed panel discussions, career development events, study breaks, and fun activities.
  • Advice for Incoming Members: Embrace the community! NSBE is a family that supports, inspires, and uplifts each other. Don’t be afraid to lean on your peers for support and offer your help to others when needed.

VP, Hutshie Faugas
(Computer Science, ’25)
  • Interests: Finance, African American studies, Real estate, and Weightlifting.
  • Over the Summer I: interned at a strategy consulting firm in Boston where I was able to craft innovative consulting solutions for a client by building and leveraging various technologies.
  • NSBE Goals: I’m committed to building a close-knit community and ensuring all NSBE members secure desired summer roles.
  • Advice for Incoming Members: Don’t hesitate to reach out – many upperclassmen (including myself) would love to connect and support!

Treasurer, Raafa Elsheikh
(Operations Research & Financial Engineering, ’25)
  • Interests: Math, Biotech, Reading, and Poetry.
  • Over the Summer I: interned at a strategy consulting firm in NYC, where I helped build an AI tool by using machine learning for a client to evaluate their platform strategy.
  • NSBE Goals: I hope to increase outreach and support for Black students in STEM fields, by increasing engagement of students within NSBE as well as making NSBE more prominent in the engineering and larger Princeton community.
  • Advice for Incoming Members: Ask questions, go to office hours, reach out to upperclassmen and faculty for support, and build connections with your professors and classmates. Don’t be afraid of change, it’s better to realize what you like and dislike sooner.

Secretary, Gedeon Guercin
(Computer Science, ’24)
  • Interests: African American Studies, Anime, Basketball, Video Games.
  • Over the Summer I: worked as an Operations Analyst at Goldman Sachs in Dallas.
  • NSBE Goals: To work with pre-collegiate NSBE and have more fun events with Princeton NSBE members.
  • Advice for incoming Members: Don’t be afraid to ask for help or reach out for advice/mentorship!

Senator, Aphia Ishimwe
(Electrical & Computer Eng
  • Interests: Power electronics, wireless communication, clean energy systems; soccer, ping pong, photography.
  • Over the Summer I: conducted research within the SWAN lab, about Leaky Wave Antennas, which are promising technology for 6G networks in wireless communication.
  • NSBE Goals: To contribute to the growth of NSBE while working together.
  • Advice for Incoming Members: Always believe in yourself because you are the creator and main character of your chapter at Princeton

Senator, Sabrina Nicacio
(Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Interests: Space robotics! Last summer I worked on navigation algorithms for lunar rovers that are going to the moon with the Artemis missions; I also love to dance—I am the President of BAC and a member of DiSiac.
  • Over the Summer I: conducted research at MIT in the Aeronautics and Astronautics department designing a heat treatment for turbine blades to get us a step closer to 3D printing rocket engine pieces.
  • NSBE Goals: To ensure we are exceeding expectations in the regional and national standards.
  • Advice for Incoming Members: Find friends who truly support you in what you do! You’ll need a strong support system to get through BSE!!

Academic Excellence Chair, Aicha Diakite
(Computer Science
  • Interests/Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, and trying new food.
  • Over the Summer I: did Computer Science research at Princeton.
  • NSBE Goals: To organize regular events that connect faculty with NSBE members.
  • Advice for Incoming Members: Be open to new experiences and take them as a chance to expand your horizons!

Programming Chair,
Joachim Ambaw
(Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering ’24)
  • Interests: 3D printing, basketball, premier league.
  • Over the Summer I: worked as a Consulting intern.
  • NSBE Goals: Take full advantage of the larger incoming class with consistent event planning + expand the PCI program.
  • Advice for Incoming Members: Find a study group early!

Website Manager & Gear Chair, Tersoo Upaa Jr
(Electrical & Computer Engineering, ’26)
  • Interests/Hobbies: playing soccer, listening to music, and thrifting; within ECE, I am interested in Computer Architecture.
  • Over the Summer I: did research under the RandLab, which specializes in thin-film devices.
  • NSBE Goal: to see more members attend the NSBE conference.
  • Advice for Incoming Members: it’s important to take external advice on classes/majors but don’t let it supersede your personal understanding of your journey.

Pre-Collegiate Chair,
Abiola Bolaji
(Electrical & Computer Engineering, ’26)
  • Interests/Hobbies: the intersection between machine learning and electronics for the advancement of biotechnology; weightlifting, anime, rap, video games, and sports.
  • Over the Summer I: did research on campus within James Sturm’s lab, where we tried to see if was possible to use soft material printing to make microfluidic devices used for biomedical applications.
  • NSBE Goals: to expand our NSBE chapter and inspire more Black students to pursue STEM.
  • Advice for Incoming Members: Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and try something new!

Social Communications Chair,
Kamaula Rowe
(Electrical & Computer Engineering, ’26)
  • Interests/Hobbies: Information security and machine learning; working out, reading realistic fiction, & watching new TV shows
  • Over the Summer I: worked as a course fellow for our Freshman Scholars Institute on campus, where I helped incoming engineering students with coursework
  • NSBE Goals: to cultivate an even more connected and accepting space for our members, as well as increase interclass communication
  • Advice for Incoming Members: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and talk to people, whether they may be other students or faculty! You’ll not only learn about diverse individuals but likely also learn more about yourself.

Professional Development Chair, Yenet Tafesse
(Computer Science, ’24)
  • Interests: robotics, painting, tennis.
  • Over the Summer I: interned with American Airlines as a software developer.
  • NSBE Goals: To advance NSBE and invest in its impact at Princeton and in communities around Princeton.
  • Advice for Incoming Members: Invest time in your interests and hobbies and don’t be scared to explore them further

Sponsorship Chair, Tsion Kergo (Computer Science, ’26)

  • Interests: Medicine, Race & Gender Theory, Anything Jesus-related.
  • Over the Summer I: Conducted an independent research project with the Twin Cities Alliance to analyze data from transcripts to produce an educational zine on learning platforms and surveillance apps.
  • NSBE Goals: To expand and strengthen our club’s relationship with different companies and sponsors to provide the best opportunities for NSBE members.
  • Advice for Incoming Members: Take advantage of all the resources available to you (including older NSBE members).
Faculty Advisor
Prof Radhika Nagpal (MAE & COS)

Interests/Hobbies: Robotics, Painting, Activism.

NSBE Goals: To support NSBE community and justice goals.

Advice for Incoming Members: Be radical!